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FM056 by Federico Mahora

» FM Fragrances » For Men » Classic Collection » FM056

FM56 by Federico Mahora

Inflaming your senses with extracts of honeysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.

FM Fragrance Family

Chypre / Wood

Other FM Fragrances in the same scent family

FM: None

Compare FM56 with Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

At Perfume Secrets we test and compare all Federico Mahora fragrances when they are introduced to the market with existing designer brands. We do this by comparing fragrance-notes and overall experience. On that basis we found the scent of FM56 to be very similar, if not identical to Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.

FM Group fragrances are in no way replicates of, or cheap imitations of, any other company’s products and stand alone in their own right and on their own merits. Although you may experience the scent of FM56 to be identical to Christian Dior’s “Fahrenheit”, FM56 is produced by Drom Fragrances’ using their own formula and Pureganic® method. Drom products are organic and are without any toxins or harmful additives FM PRODUCTS ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

Fahrenheit | Fragrances and Colognes by Christian DiorFahrenheit by Christian Dior

At the end of the 80’s Christian Dior created Fahrenheit. This perfume has since become a legend and is at the point of being among the ten most widely sold perfumes in the world.

Fahrenheit is a fragrance replete with contradictions. It is at once warm and cold, delicate and powerful, gentle and rough, like a man who is in full maturity. It is a perfume which doesn’t strike with intensity but convinces through its stability.

Fahrenheit Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Hawthorn, Honeysuckle
  • Heart Notes: Sandalwood
  • Base Notes: Cedar, Lenstiscus, Styrax (Benzoin)

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Useful Links

When you compare FM products with brand-name fragrances always check the perfume concentrate. All FM fragrances for men have a minimum of 16% perfume concentrate which qualifies them as Eau de Parfum (EDP). Christian Dior fragrances for men are mostly eau de toilette (EDT) with a 9.6% concentrate, or even eau de cologne (4 – 6% concentrate). Read Article: Perfume vs Eau de Perfume vs Eau de Toilette.