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PLEASE NOTE: The FM Group does not sell products using the trade names of other companies. FM Group fragrances are in no way replicates of, or cheap imitations of, any other company’s products and stand alone in their own right and on their own merits. Although you may experience the scent of FM products to be identical to the scent of your favourite designer labels, FM products are produced by Drom Fragrances’ using their own formula and Pureganic® method. Drom products are organic and are without toxins or harmful additives. FM PRODUCTS ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

Where can I buy fragrances from Federico Mahora?

FM Group products are not sold in shops. To be able to deliver high quality products and maintain affordable prices prices for their fragrances, cosmetics, and other products, FM Group products are sold directly to agents and consumers. ›› Read More